About Me

I obtained in 1984 a degree of PhD in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Power Engineering and Fuels Technology from the Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as well as a Diploma degree in Chemical Engineering from Aston University in Birmingham in England and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Physics from the American University in Cairo. Since the end of 2018, I decided to retire from continuous working for 46 years, including 24 years in research and development in the field of the environment, and after that I worked for 22 years as executive director of an international organization established by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for Water Resources Management hosted by Jordan in Amman.

I am interested in photography as a hobby I started in 1957 when I got my first box camera. Since 1977, I used different types of cameras, including the famous Leica R4, the Canon F1, Canon AE1, the Mamaya 645 medium format  camera, and finally in 2004, I switched to digital cameras with the Nikon professional D100, D3S, D800, D5 and Z7 S mirrorless, and I use most Nikon, Karl Zeiss T* and Sigma fine lens from the medium telephoto to ultra-wide angles.

I was fortunate to have traveled since 1968 to more than 45 countries and mainly shoot landscape and nature photography, but I also find the photos I capture of people interesting. I have built and images archive in cooperation with Chechen colleagues in Jordan of different generations of Jordanian Chechens since 1918 until now.

I invite you to browse thousands of photos and to register as a member of this site so as to enjoy all the advantages that this site offers. This website is not a commercial website and all registered members can download images for their personal use.