About Me

I am interested in photography as a hobby I started in 1957 when I acquired my first full frame film camera. Since then I used different types of cameras and lenses including Leica R4, Canon F1, Canon AE1 and finally I settled in 2004  with Nikon D100, D3S and D800, and new Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera DSLRs and now use most Nikon and Zeiss T* primes in the ultra wide and medium telephoto focal lengths.

I was lucky to have traveled since 1970 to more than 45 countries of the World.

I shoot mainly landscape and nature, but also find people captured in images very interesting and also have build and archive of images of different generations of Jordanian Chechens of Jordan since 1918 up to date.

I invite you to browse and to register as member of this web site and enjoy all benefits offered by this web site. This is not a commercial web site and all registered members can down load and enjoy my images on a copy right respected basis.